PM admits to plagiarising university dissertation

Luxembourg Prime Minister (PM) Xavier Bettel has admitted allegations of plagiarism over his university dissertation, reports Euronews with AFP. Bettel acknowledged that he “should have done it differently” after the revelations first appeared online.

The daily made accusations about the thesis Bettel wrote in 1999 while studying as a postgraduate in public law and political science at the University of Nancy in France. According to the online media, more than “three-quarters” of the thesis was written without proper academic citation.

Bettel said in a statement that he had written the work “more than 20 years ago ... to the best of my knowledge and belief at the time … From today’s perspective, I recognise that I should have done it differently, perhaps I should have done it differently” he added. The Luxembourg PM said he would now leave it to the university – now called the University of Lorraine – to “assess” whether the dissertation met the criteria when it was written.
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