Pro-Palestine hackers steal Israeli student information

Pro-Palestinian hackers have stolen the personal information of hundreds of thousands of Israeli students and have begun leaking it online, including names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and home addresses, writes Stuart Winer for The Times of Israel.

The cyberattack was announced by a group calling itself DragonForce Malaysia in a post to its website. In a message posted to a forum on the site, the group called on hackers, human rights organisations and activists to campaign against Israel, which it repeatedly referred to as “Israhell”.

Student details were at first shared on Malaysian groups using the Telegram app. The hackers tied the leak to Israel’s recent 11 days of fighting with terror groups in the Gaza Strip. Cybersecurity expert May Brooks-Kempler, who administers the Think Cyber Safe group on Facebook, is investigating the extent of the hack. Details of some 280,000 students from 2014 to the present were leaked along with some 100,000 email addresses, Brooks-Kempler found.
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