University of California will no longer consider SAT scores

The University of California (UC) won’t consider SAT and ACT scores that are submitted with admission and scholarship applications under a settlement of a student lawsuit that was announced on Friday 14 May, reports The Associated Press.

The 10-campus system, which has more than 280,000 students statewide, decided not to continue fighting a judge’s injunction issued last fall that barred it from considering the scores for admission even when they were submitted voluntarily, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Activists have long argued that standardised tests put minority and low-income students at a disadvantage. Critics say test questions often contain inherent bias that more privileged children are better equipped to answer. They also say wealthier students typically take expensive prep courses that help boost their scores, which many students can’t afford. That was the argument in a 2019 lawsuit filed against the UC system on behalf of some high school students and non-profit groups.
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