Record number of graduates face ‘arduous’ job searches

More than nine million students will graduate from Chinese universities in 2021, a record high. Although the employment environment is still complicated and arduous, all departments will work together to ensure stable employment, China’s Ministry of Education said at a news conference, reports the Global Times.

Observers noted that although China’s working-age population continues to decline, there will be no labour crisis in the short term, and the employment pressure on young people will remain huge.

Since September 2020, the ministry has been working to secure employment for the graduates-to-be. The annual recruitment of civil servants has been advanced by about two months, which is expected to be completed in July. State-owned enterprises are also easing the pressure. A total of 589,000 jobs are being provided by these enterprises for this year's graduates, according to the press conference. The role of tertiary education institutions as talent “reservoirs” will be used to moderately expand the scale of enrolment for graduate students and undergraduates.
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