High hopes for exchanges after vaccine recognised

Several United States universities, including Harvard and Columbia, have recognised the COVID-19 vaccine produced by China’s Sinopharm following the approval of the vaccine’s emergency use by the World Health Organization. Chinese experts said that the notice, which was issued by the Chinese Consulate in New York, will facilitate travel and academic exchanges between the two countries, write Fan Anqi and Wan Lin for Global Times.

Chinese students who have already taken the Sinopharm vaccine no longer need to take COVID-19 shots in the US when they arrive on campus, said the notice. The universities that have recognised Sinopharm’s vaccine are Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University, Yale University, Dartmouth College, the University of Rochester and Lafayette College, according to the announcement.

As more universities are expected to follow suit, the new policy has come as a relief to Chinese students who plan to return to campus in the US this fall and were inoculated with Sinopharm’s vaccine.
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