Website exposes ‘rape culture’ allegations at universities

More than 80 British universities have been named on a website where students have been anonymously sharing experiences of sexual harassment, abuse, assault and misogyny, writes Eleanor Busby for PA Media.

A number of the United Kingdom’s top institutions, including Exeter and Oxford, have been mentioned more than 50 times on the Everyone’s Invited website – which has highlighted allegations of a “rape culture” at schools. Of the 17 universities in the UK with more than five mentions on the website, 15 are Russell Group universities – which are traditionally the most selective institutions in the UK.

Soma Sara, founder of the Everyone’s Invited website, told the PA news agency: “As Everyone’s Invited has emphasised from the outset, rape culture is everywhere including in all universities.” Her comments came after more than 14,800 testimonies have been posted on the site.
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