More students expected in universities due to coronavirus

Swiss universities are expecting 10%-15% more students than usual next semester due the coronavirus, it has been reported. There will be far fewer people taking a gap year, writes Isobel Leybold-Johnson for swissinfo.ch.

While Swiss public television, SRF, put the number at 10% in a report last weekend, the University of Zurich has confirmed that it has received 15% more student applications at bachelor degree level and 25% more applications among masters students than in 2019. It still remains to be seen how many of these turn into matriculated students. This will be communicated during the autumn semester, university spokeswoman Rita Ziegler told swissinfo.ch via email.

“A possible reason for the increase in applications could be that the alternative options usually open to school leavers like a gap year, travelling or looking for a job are not possible or have become more complicated,” Ziegler said. “For those finishing their bachelors, it has probably been harder to find a job, so they have decided instead to do a masters.”
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