Universities enjoy interest surge from aspiring students

Major Israeli universities are enjoying soaring interest from aspiring students ahead of the 2020-21 academic year, as admissions departments record a significant increase in registrations from Israeli and international applicants alike, writes Eytan Halon for The Jerusalem Post.

While the true increase will only become clear once the academic year begins in October, universities attribute the significant increase in applications to a range of factors linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Hebrew University of Jerusalem admissions teams told The Jerusalem Post that they have recorded an increase of over 20% in registrations from domestic students, while applications for some international courses have increased by 45%.

According to Ofra Ash, head of online registration and marketing and communications divisions at Hebrew University, the increase in applications from domestic students is likely explained by the combination of young Israelis cancelling their post-army backpacking trips due to restrictions on travel, the lack of available jobs, departments waiving the need for a psychometric exam and the strong performance of universities.
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