Coronavirus travel ban – Universities fear financial hit

Universities fear the temporary travel ban on foreigners from China due to the novel coronavirus outbreak is going to be a big financial hit. The latest figures from 2018 showed 15,000 Chinese students were enrolled in New Zealand’s universities, but it’s not yet known how many have already arrived for the 2020 academic year and how many might still be at home, writes Harry Lock for RNZ.

Just under half of all New Zealand’s overseas students are from China, and the travel ban is anticipated to have a significant effect on the institutions. None of the universities RNZ approached would be interviewed.

In a statement, the University of Auckland said it estimated between 50% and 75% of its Chinese students were stuck in China. To help those affected continue with their studies, it was looking at sending them individual study plans. Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University of Wellington said the 800 Chinese students it got each year were worth millions of dollars to both it and the city. Massey University said most students would still be able to take their classes online.
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