Country to use history, culture to lure foreign students

With a rich ancient history and culture renowned as one of the world’s greatest, Greece plans to use that to bring in as many as 50,000 foreign students by 2024 to study classical literature, philosophy and its past – in English, reports The National Herald.

Greek universities do not rank among the world’s top, held down by a system that does not require students to graduate or even attend class despite having some top professors and top minds.

After the former ruling Radical Left Syriza was accused by critics of dumbing down education – a former minister said excellence wasn’t a virtue – the New Democracy government’s Education Minister Niki Kerameus is trying to raise standards. Kerameus – a lawyer and graduate of Harvard Law School – said she wants to make Greek universities shine and diversify the student base as part of an overhaul of the state-run higher education system.
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