EFF student command threatens anarchy at universities

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) student command has threatened to unleash anarchy on South African universities if three of its demands are not met, writes Zingisa Mvumvu for Times Live.

It wants all institutions of higher learning to allow walk-in registration, to provide free student registration and to cancel historic student debt. Failure to meet these demands, warned student command president Mandla Shikwambana would result in “anarchy”. Shikwambana, speaking on Friday 3 January at a press conference, said EFF “bouncers” – possibly the party's paramilitary known as “defenders of the revolution” – would be ready to confront police.

The organisation singled out three institutions – the University of Johannesburg, the Vaal University of Technology and the University of Venda – for increasing tuition fees for the upcoming academic year. Shikwambana said they would not stand for the hike and promised “harsh” action.
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