Bangladesh urged to open up market to foreign institutions

The British Minister for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field, has said Bangladesh will gain if it opens its local education market to greater competition, reports

“This is good for the young people and good for the country,” he said, while speaking at a recent seminar on governance and development in Dhaka before concluding his two-day visit. “That is why one of the things I shall be discussing with my counterparts on this visit is the possibility of opening the local education market to greater competition,” he said.

Economist Ahsan H Mansur, executive director of the Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh, also urged the government to open up the market. “There is an excellent education system [in the UK] and some of the universities can also think of having campuses in Bangladesh. Bangladesh also has some restrictions on opening foreign campuses … We should open up. Our students are going to Malaysia to study in those universities. We can keep them here.”
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