Government mulls entry of foreign universities

The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) head Thomas Lembong said recently the government was considering allowing foreign universities to operate in the country, reducing the number of students opting to study in other countries and bringing the country into line with Vietnam and Malaysia, both of which permit foreign universities, reports The Jakarta Post.

Large amounts of money were spent on these services abroad and the government also provides scholarships for students to study abroad, according to Lembong, who said: “This is expected to be implemented after the election [in April],” according to

Under the scheme, foreign universities could own up to 67% of the shares for their campuses, he said, adding that universities could control up to 100% of the shares in campuses in special economic zones. Thomas said there were a number of foreign universities that had expressed interest in opening campuses in Indonesia, particularly those from Australia.
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