Strict new laws clamp down on immigration programmes

The Central European University (CEU) has announced the immediate suspension, with effect from 24 August, of its education programmes for registered refugees and asylum seekers, the Open Learning Initiative, together with the administration of its European Union-funded Marie Curie research grant on migration policy in Central and Southern Europe, reports the Budapest Business Journal.

In a statement published on its website last Tuesday, CEU said it has been forced to take this action in response to Hungarian legislation in respect of refugees and immigration which came into effect on 24 August, including provision for a 25% duty to be levied on funds received from abroad by organisations deemed to be supporting what the government terms “illegal migration”.

The package of recent legislation – dubbed ‘Stop Soros’, in reference to an alleged plan for managing the migrant crisis which Hungary's government has repeatedly attributed to Hungarian-born investor George Soros, the founder of CEU – was passed in June. In July it was reported that the European Commission has launched an infringement procedure against Hungary over the ‘Stop Soros’ legislation. At the same time, the commission referred Hungary to the Court of Justice of the European Union for non-compliance of its asylum legislation with EU law.
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