Research universities ‘must be given autonomy'

Research universities must be given real autonomy to become innovative and responsive to change if universities are to fulfil their potential as key players in India’s future, underpinning India’s drive for growth and more jobs, writes the editorial team of IndraStra Global.

The future of India is very much tied to the performance of a complex research ecosystem – one in which research universities serve a series of unique and crucial functions. In turn, these functions provide robust returns across social and private dimensions, and market and non-market dimensions that justify both public and private investment in Indian research universities.

They need to use the potential of sharing knowledge under the “open collaborative research” framework, which is one of the best ways for students to learn. Here the Indian higher educational elements can be very advantageous in creating large-scale operations, which could be tailored to international needs. Indeed, publications and citations are the important factors to decide the impact of the research originating from a particular university.
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