AI set to shape the future of universities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming many human activities ranging from daily chores to highly sophisticated tasks. But unlike many other industries, the higher education sector has yet to be really influenced by AI, write Nafis Alam and Graham Kendall for The Conversation.

Within a few short years, universities may well have changed beyond all recognition. Universities are already using AI algorithms to personalise learning and deliver content that is suited to the students’ needs and pace of learning – and this is only likely to continue. As educational AI develops, students will be able to study where they want, when they want and using whatever platform they want. This is likely to mean that tablets and mobile phones will become the main delivery methods.

Smart classrooms will also enhance the learning experience of the students. A classroom connected to the Internet of Things can adapt to the personalised settings to prepare the classroom for different faculty members. Monitoring attendance and invigilating exams will also be automated and made much more robust. Universities are also using AI to streamline their processes, resulting in cost savings and better service levels – and this is something that is set to continue.
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