Study finds widespread hunger in colleges

A report has found that more than one-third of college students in the United States say they don't have enough money for food, with some even going whole days without eating as they simply cannot afford meals, writes Ewan Palmer for Newsweek.

The study, Still Hungry and Homeless in College, found 36% of university students said they had been food insecure over the past 30 days, meaning they were not eating healthy, nutritious food or even had the ability to “acquire such foods in a socially acceptable manner”. The research also found that around one quarter of university students said they had skipped meals or cut the size of their portions because they couldn’t afford to eat properly, with 18% being forced to do so on at least three occasions in the last 30 days.

The report, conducted by researchers at Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, also shows the number of hungry students expands even further when including community colleges.
Full report on the Newsweek site