Military medical university reform puts focus on combat

Chinese military professors said military medical universities are being encouraged and helped to shift from their previous focus of making profits to putting more emphasis on their important battlefield-oriented duties under sweeping reforms, writes Deng Xiaoci for Global Times.

As part of China's ongoing military reforms, the Ministry of National Defence announced a new name list of military universities and colleges on 29 June 2017, with the three top universities being renamed based on their military services. In this list, the Second Military Medical University, Third Military Medical University and Fourth Military Medical University have been renamed the PLA Naval Medical University, Army Medical University and Air Force Military Medical University respectively.

The reforms have cleared up widespread queries in society about the necessity of military medical universities, according to an article posted in the PLA Daily public WeChat account. Training medical professionals through regular medical schools has led to criticisms of the special duties shouldered by the military academies, the article reads. "Don't forget, the most important part of the name 'military' medical universities is the word 'military', and the 'combat' role should be prioritised," Zhou Xianzhi, who has served as the head of the PLA Air Force Military Medical University since 2017, was quoted in the article as saying.
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