Number of foreign students rising at universities

The number of foreigners studying at Czech universities and colleges has been rising and most of them do not pay for their studies, but the total number of university students has decreased since 2010, according to the education ministry statistics released on its website, reports CTK.

Last year, 334 more foreigners studied in the Czech Republic than the year before, totalling 43,831. About one-third of them paid for their studies in a foreign language or at a private school. The others studied for free at public universities and colleges in the Czech language.

As of the end of last year, foreigners made up some 15% of the total of 299,054 university students. The state supports foreigners' studies in the Czech Republic since it is advantageous in many respects, according to the education ministry. If they stay in the Czech Republic after graduation, the country gets qualified labour force, while if they return home, they might strengthen international contacts and business relations, the ministry’s press section wrote to CTK.
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