West Bank university law draws Palestinian Authority ire

The Palestinian Authority last week stepped up its rhetorical attacks on Israel – this time by calling on all parliaments and lawmakers around the world to boycott Knesset members who supported a bill that applies Israeli law to Israeli academic institutions in the West Bank, writes Khaled Abu Toameh for The Times of Israel.

The Palestinian Authority also called for the placing of the Knesset members on the list of global terrorists. However, in a statement published by its Ministry of Information in Ramallah, it refrained from mentioning the names of the specific lawmakers it wants the world to punish.

The Palestinian Authority’s appeal came in response to a law passed last Monday granting Israeli institutions over the Green Line the same academic standing as other higher education institutions inside Israel. The legislation, which was passed by the Knesset, is known as the Ariel University Law because it paves the way for the university to establish a medical school.
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