Urgently fill faculty vacancies, president urges

President Ram Nath Kovind recently urged all new central universities to ensure that faculty vacancies are filled. Kovind held a ‘multi-stakeholder brainstorming’ session, as he put it, to deal with problems facing 17 new central universities that have arisen since 2009, reports The Times of India.

The session, which also had Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar and representatives of the Ministry of Finance in attendance, gave an opportunity to the vice-chancellors to discuss various issues like selection and recruitment of faculty, training and updating skills of academic staff, infrastructure, financial constraints, integration of technology and others.

Urging the vice-chancellors to strictly adhere to the academic calendar, Kovind said: "Vacancies should be filled quickly and urgently. Vacancies in teaching staff are unfair on students who have enrolled, and a disservice to their education."
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