AI ambitions revealed by most cited research papers

In a testament to China’s advances in artificial intelligence or AI, two of the country’s universities are among the top 10 in a ranking of sources of the most frequently cited research papers in the AI field, writes Shigenori Arai for Nikkei Asian Review.

The list, compiled from an analysis of scholarly publications by The Nikkei and Elsevier – the Amsterdam-based giant of academic publishing – was created by counting the number of research papers that were cited between 2012 and 2016. A high citation count is generally considered to be an indicator of research quality.

Chinese universities claimed two of the top 10 spots, while United States companies such as Microsoft and Google also fared well. Japan, which has been slow to embrace AI, lagged far behind China. The top 100 organisations included 15 from China. One factor behind the country’s rapid rise in the AI field is its ability to lure back talented Chinese researchers who have studied and worked in the US, offering financial incentives to work in a thriving, competitive environment.
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