African Leadership University opens second campus

On 29 September the African Leadership University opened the doors to its second campus on the continent of Africa, part of a long-term goal of educating three million young Africans on 25 campuses by 2060, writes Gaidi Faraj for Atlanta Black Star.

The first campus opened in Mauritius in 2015. The African Leadership University or ALU prides itself on innovative teaching and learning, delivering content through a flipped classroom model. Beyond just preparing students for work, ALU hopes to mould leaders who will take up the mantle of solving some of the greatest challenges facing Africa today. To this end, one of the programmes being offered at ALU’s Rwanda campus is a ‘Global Challenges’ degree.

The idea of ‘Global Challenges’ is that it promotes mission-driven learning, allowing students to align their learning around a problem they want to solve. “Ultimately, we want students to have a sense of their own mission, aligned with their purpose in life. And we have formalised this idea in a degree,” ALU founder Fred Swaniker told Atlanta Black Star.
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