Houthi militia terminate dozens of Sanaa academics’ jobs

Houthi militias are rapidly recruiting new staff and officials at Sanaa University and appointing academic leaders loyal to it, while terminating the positions of dozens of academics, employees and assistants as part of its plan to take full control over the educational institutions in Yemen, writes Islam Saif for Al Arabiya.

The union of faculty members and their assistants at Sanaa University revealed that the university council decided to terminate the positions of a large number of faculty members arbitrarily and have strongly denounced these procedures and demanded they be made void.

In its statement last Tuesday, the union called on all members of Sanaa University to confront these actions firmly and to stand against any dismissal or appointment procedures that violate laws, regulations and academic and administrative standards. The union warned of repeated attempts to strip Sanaa University of its academic cadres who are qualified and specialised in various science fields, aiming to replace them with incompetent members who do not meet the academic criteria and standards.
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