Move to standardise university data to help rankings

A draft amendment to the higher education law proposes clarifying university assessment measures and making them uniform so that university rankings can be more precise in the future, reports VietNamNet Bridge. The amendment follows the recent launch of the country’s first university ranking by a group of independent experts.

The group included Dr Luu Quang Hung, a researcher working in Melbourne, Dr Nguyen Ngoc Anh, director of the Hanoi-based Development and Policies Research Center, and Dr Giap Van Duong, an education expert who has conducted postdoctoral research in physics and chemistry in Europe.

The group ranked universities based on three criteria: scientific research, education quality, and infrastructure and management. Luu Quang Hung said at the ranking launch that they faced difficulties in collecting and sorting data because the universities followed different models and lacked comparable data sets.
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