Absence of dedicated regulator hits open universities

Ever since the Distance Education Council of the Indira Gandhi National Open University was dissolved in 2012, open universities in the country have faced a number of challenges. Most of them have not been able to start courses because of lack of approvals, while others have also not been allocated development funds, writes Gauri Kohli for Hindustan Times.

Regulatory powers related to open and distance learning were transferred to the University Grants Commission after the dissolution and it was given the task of framing new regulations. However, it was decided that until the new rules were in place, council guidelines for recognition of open and distance learning institutions would be implemented.

No new courses since 2014 have been recognised, said Professor Nageshwar Rao, vice-chancellor of Uttarakhand Open University. “We cannot start any new course. Even after inspection and permission by statutory bodies such as the National Council for Teacher Education and Rehabilitation Council of India, open universities are waiting for approval for starting such courses since 2014. Courses developed during 2013-14 have become obsolete.”
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