Science spending continues to grow

Expenditure on research and development rose by CZK3.6 billion (US$147 million) in the Czech Republic in a year, according to the data the Czech Statistical Office released at a recent press conference, reports CTK.

Last year, it reached CZK88.7 billion, which was a growth of 4.2% against a year ago. The number of research employees grew as well. In the past two years, the Czech Republic has been spending more money in relation to the size of its economy on science than most new European Union members, apart from Slovenia.

In the past five years, expenditure on research and development rose by two-thirds and the number of the people working in the sector by one-quarter, Martin Mana from the Czech Statistical Office said. Last year, there were 2,870 research centres with 100,000 employees, mostly within higher education, Mana said.
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