MPs push to make university answerable to parliament

Jamaica's elected representatives, smarting from being snubbed by the University of the West Indies, now say that they will be pushing for necessary changes to ensure that the university, which this year alone is set to get funding that could cover two government ministries, is answerable to the parliament, writes Jovan Johnson for The Gleaner.

Representatives of the University of the West Indies, which has a campus in Jamaica at Mona, the University of Technology, and the University Council of Jamaica were invited to appear recently before parliament's Public Administration and Appropriations Committee to explain how they have been spending taxpayers' money.

However, members were left stunned when the committee chairman, Dr Wykeham McNeill, read a letter from the university's registrar, William Iton, which made it clear that the University of the West Indies had no legal obligation to appear before the Jamaican parliament.
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