New American Campus to offer ‘global’ higher education

An American Campus is to open in Ebène, a ‘cybercity hub’ 15 kilometres south of the capital Port Louis, giving Mauritians the opportunity to follow American courses without having to move to the United States.

A partnership between US universities, the new higher education institution will open in January 2017, reported L’Express of Port Louis.

It quoted Spalding Jugganaikloo, president of the American Campus, as saying the intention was to “educate students in a global way”, and equip them to prepare for the job market.

As a start, the institution will offer courses in English and agriculture from January and May respectively, reported L’Express. A diploma in English as a second language will be provided by the Sacred Heart University of Connecticut, for annual fees of US$4,900; and bachelor degrees in agribusiness and international agribusiness will be organised by Utah State University for US$6,600. A computer science programme is due to be introduced in September 2017.

“Mauritians who go to study in the United States don’t want to return to their country, because they have already created their networks,” so the American Campus would encourage young people to stay in Mauritius, said Jugganaikloo. Also, the institution would help those who wanted to follow an American course to save some money on the costs of studying at US universities.

* This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original reports.