Students warned to avoid unauthorised institutions

Marie Monique Rasoazananera, the higher education and research minister, has warned new students to make sure they enrol in higher education institutions that are authorised and accredited by the state.

During the past few years many new private institutions had opened as the numbers of young people qualified to enter higher education increased but places in public universities remained low, reported Midi Madagasikara of Antananarivo.

Rasoazananera stressed that “the ministry refuses to ratify or recognise the diplomas of institutions without authorisation. However, there are some authorised public and private universities and higher institutions”.

She issued a warning to new students and their parents that they should “know how to make the right choice” when they were looking for a credible institution in which to enrol.

In this period before the new academic year started young people received prospectuses from all over the place, said Midi Madagasikara. Only those private establishments with authorisation to open and receive accreditation by the state were accepted; the others were “clandestine”.

Authorisation and accreditation are a major step in the process to improve education; and before they are granted, a ministry team would inspect applicant institutions.

Of particular concern were students taking paramedical courses, said Midi Madagasikara, and the public health ministry was very strict with institutions that lacked accreditation. In 2017 the ministry is to introduce an examination for all students hoping to study paramedical disciplines, at both private and public institutes.

Only candidates from universities authorised by the state would be able to take the official exam, and the Commission of Reference in Medical Training would rule on whether to accept or refuse the opening of an institution, reported Midi Madagasikara.

* This article is drawn from local media. University World News cannot vouch for the accuracy of the original reports.