Over-recruitment of Chinese students threatens quality

Local universities' reckless drive to recruit Chinese students has cast a shadow over their efforts to globalise their campuses through admitting more international students, writes Chung Hyun-chae for The Korea Times.

Education experts point out that colleges and universities have resorted to recruiting as many Chinese students as possible in their blind pursuit of money, without having proper programmes to cater to their needs and provide quality education. In many universities, Chinese students account for more than half of the entire foreign student body. The excessive proportion has a negative effect on diversity and has caused problems and conflicts for local students and other international students.

The government data showed 1,941 Chinese students had to drop out because of poor performance last year, accounting for 46% of all 3,617 foreign dropouts. In 2014, the number of Chinese dropouts was tallied at 2,361 against the total 4,095 foreign dropouts.
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