Number of Singapore students in US hits 10-year high

According to US Embassy figures, 4,727 Singaporeans were enrolled in education institutions in the United States last year – a 3% increase over the previous year and the highest figure in 10 years, writes Sandra Davie for The Straits Times.

The figures also showed that most Singaporeans there are enrolled in the most prestigious universities, such as Stanford, Harvard, Columbia and University of California, Berkeley. About half of the total number are undergraduates, while nearly 33% are postgraduate students. The rest are on exchange schemes or professional courses. New York University, which has 199 Singaporeans now, is the most popular American university among Singaporeans.

With the Australian dollar's recent decline, the numbers going to Australia are expected to rise. Around 7,300 Singaporeans enrolled in 39 Australian universities at all levels in 2014. Popular courses include medicine, dentistry and health science-related ones, such as speech therapy.
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