Feminists raise alarm over rising campus rape cases

The Nigerian Feminist Forum has sounded an alarm over what it said are increasing cases of rape in tertiary institutions across the country, writes Evelyn Okakwu for Premium Times.

“The Nigerian Feminist Forum [NFF] is dismayed and alarmed by what appears to be an overwhelming rise in reported cases of sexual assault and rape of female university students by male members of the academic staff and students across university campuses in Nigeria,” the group said via a statement by one of its officials, Geraldyn Ezeakile.

The statement said the majority of cases of sexual violence against female university students in Nigeria go unreported for various reasons associated with victim shaming, stigma, character assassination, public backlash and limited access to justice, among others. It added that in many cases, female students who reported such cases were subsequently targeted for reprisal attacks by thugs, cultists or university teachers. The group argued that the growing abuse of female university students is fuelled by the lack of a consistent and clear policy by university governing bodies and school authorities concerning sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape.
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