Academics urge divestment from fossil fuels

It is both unethical and untenable for universities around the world to continue to invest in fossil fuel companies whose plans to prospect for more oil, coal and gas endanger future global prosperity, according to an influential global group of academics, writes Emma Howard for the Guardian.

That statement from Academics Stand Against Poverty – a global group of about 2,000 researchers who study poverty and development – urges universities to follow the lead of institutions like Stanford, Syracuse and Glasgow that have all committed to divest from fossil fuel holdings.

They write: “At this moment in history, it is paradoxical for universities to remain invested in fossil fuel companies. What does it mean for universities to seek to educate youth and produce leading research in order to better the future, while simultaneously investing in and profiting from the destruction of said future?”

It went on: “As academics, we are in the privileged position to understand the risks posed by climate change and to make powerful statements in support of action.”
The campaign has attracted over 176,000 signatures as well as support from the former chief scientific advisors to the UK government and European Commission, and the UK energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey.
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