Universities' research funding cut by £13 million

Scotland’s universities are locked in a furious row with Scottish National Party ministers over a “short-sighted” decision to cut their funding for world-class research by million of pounds, writes Simon Johnson for The Telegraph.

Universities Scotland, which represents the country’s higher education institutions, argued that its members have become “victims of their own success” after their main research grants for next year were cut by £12.9 million (US$19.3 million).

Edinburgh University alone is on course to lose nearly £8 million in 2015-16, a sum that will increase to £14 million in later years, while Glasgow suffered a £2.4 million cut. Aberdeen University’s ‘blue sky’ research funding has been cut by nearly £1.6 million, while the University of St Andrews’ allocation has been reduced by nearly £1.3 million and Dundee’s by nearly £1.5 million.
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