Students say state has stopped paying stipends

More than 40 Russian universities have delayed stipend payments to their students since the beginning of the year, writes Ivan Nechepurenko for The Moscow Times. Some universities have admitted to the delay, putting it down to "technical difficulties", while others insist all payments have been made on time.

Student rights ombudsman Artyom Khromov confirmed the delay. Khromov said he received the first complaints from students in January. By the end of February, Khromov's agency had checked several universities, revealing that a considerable number of students had not received their stipends for two months.

The Education and Science Ministry issued a statement in response to the reports, in which it said that if the delays are confirmed, "the rectors of the universities that have violated students' rights and that are subordinate to the ministry will be held accountable". The ministry said that the funds allocated for student stipends in the first quarter of this year had been transferred to universities.
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