Over 100,000 Greek scientists working abroad

In the midst of the financial crisis that hit Greece over five years ago, young people are leaving the country in search of a better future. This is another tragic side effect of the crisis that has cost Greece some of its brightest young scientists, writes Ioanna Zikakou for Greek Reporter.

More than 100,000 Greek scientists are working or looking for a better job position abroad. Meanwhile, 30,000 Greeks are also studying out of the country and plan on setting up their lives away from their homeland.

According to a study conducted by Lois Labrianidis, professor at the department of economics at the University of Macedonia, northern Greece, over 100,000 Greek scientists – working in the fields of medicine, engineering, economics and law – up to 40 years old are leaving and operating abroad. Furthermore, the United Nations released official data stating that a total of 150,000 Greek scientists of all ages are currently living out of Greece.
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