Universities monitor jihadist recruitment efforts

Extremists' online recruitment efforts using social media bore fruit this month when a former Malaysian student was lured to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS – while officials say they are trying to protect students and keep campuses free of militant influences, writes Ahmad Pramudya for Khabar Southeast Asia.

On 4 October Syamimi Faiqah Sulaman (20), a former student from Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor, left Malaysia to enlist with ISIS in the Middle East, to serve as female comfort for one-time Ukays rocker and Malaysian Mujaheed Akel Zainal, local news outlets reported.

Akel and Syamimi's Facebook correspondence is one example in which militants use social media to recruit youth, Malaysian officials confirmed. Now, universities in the country are monitoring students to discourage such recruitment efforts by extremists.
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