Public universities to raise own funds

Public higher education institutions in Malaysia will be required to start revenue generation to support their programmes from next year. A source at the Education Ministry said the plan was to create sustainable universities to keep up with the rising cost of higher education, reports The Malay Mail.

The source said the system was one of the highlights of the Malaysia Education Development Plan – Higher Education, to be launched in the first quarter. It is among the measures of the incoming 11th Malaysia Plan, aimed at streamlining the higher education strategy with the National Education Blueprint launched in 2013.

Pushing for public higher learning institutions to be more financially independent, the source said, was necessary so they were able to offer more scholarship programmes. “The plan will see public universities and colleges earning income through a variety of measures, key among them the setting up of endowment funds,” she said. “This does not mean the government will reduce financial support to the universities. It simply means the pie of available funds will be bigger.”
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