Multi-million pound giving to universities increases

Higher education continues to be the most popular area for multi-million pound donations, according to a new report. The research suggests that, out of the 10 largest donations made in the United Kingdom last year, seven were received by higher education institutions, all worth at least £30 million (US$48 million), writes Josie Gurney-Read for The Telegraph.

Figures published in the latest Coutts Million Pound Donors Report, also found that a total of 33 universities received seven-figure donations last year, and 11 institutions saw more than one donation of this size. The University of Oxford received 12 donations of this kind, followed by the University of Cambridge, which received seven.

The annual report, produced by the University of Kent and private bank Coutts, tracks the number, size, scale and destination of £1 million+ donations made by individuals, foundations and corporations in the UK. It found that 292 donations, with a combined value of £1.36 billion, were made to charitable causes or banked in foundations in 2013.
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