Rectors report chaos in universities

In an average university, in any country of the Eurozone, the new academic year starts with scientific research. In Greece, however, newly elected senate authorities are forced to face phenomena that can only be described as ‘third world’ situations, brought on by the Greek financial crisis, writes Ioanna Zikakou for Greek Reporter.

Theodore Fortsakis, rector of the University of Athens, said the institution had no funds due to equipment theft exceeding €500,000 (US$646,700). “We are now in charge of a university that cannot perform even the minimum of its duties. There are no security guards, no administrative employees, no funds and constant turmoil.”

Ioannis Golias, rector of the National Technical University of Athens, complained that he had not managed to enter his office because the institution is under occupation. When the occupation ends, he will be faced with a dramatic decrease in budget, which will not be enough to cover the university’s annual needs.
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