Universities reach a stalemate

New developments suggest that there is a high probability that the academic semester of the universities in Athens will be lost. Administrative employees at the University of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens announced a new 48-hour strike last week. In the meantime, five of the nine schools at the National Technical University are occupied by students, writes Ioanna Zikakou for Greek Reporter.

At the National Technical University of Athens, 168 employees voted in favour of yet another strike for last Tuesday and Wednesday, while 128 of their colleagues advocated an end to the strike and continuation of dialogue with Greek Minister of Education Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos.

The University of Athens examined a proposal by Arvanitopoulos, officials said, saying that no employee would be fired and everyone would return to work with 75% of their salary; the remaining 25% coming from the institution’s resources. However, during a general assembly employees voted in favour of the strike on the grounds that the proposal was not accompanied by any guarantees.
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