Students join anti-government protests

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia has witnessed a series of student protests and the occupation of university buildings that has injected new life into a persistent anti-government movement, which last week entered its 138th day, writes Thomas Seymat for Euronews.

The latest developments started when, on 23 October, students occupied Lecture Hall 272, the largest teaching room in Sofia University’s St Kliment Ohridski building. In a statement read to the public on 25 October, the occupying students said they were “angered by the systemic violations of constitutional order in the country by the current government led by Plamen Oresharski…[our] ultimate goal is for Bulgaria to become a country with governance, grounded in moral values rather than personal benefits.”

Among their objectives is to force the resignation of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski’s government and see new general elections as soon as possible. The students claim that more than 100 professors have signed a declaration supporting their occupation.
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