Admissions reflect spike in Indian student numbers

Ireland has seen a 100% growth in the number of Indian students in the September round of admissions this year as compared to last year, although the base has been very small, growing from an average of 1,000 in 2012, as indicated by Ambassador Feilim McLaughlin, writes Ankita Ramgopal for Business World.

Ireland is known as one of the largest education destinations for American students, and now it is hoping to forge a similar relationship with India. The problem lies in the fact that little is known about this north-west European island since popular culture hasn't really promoted the Irish in India. However, the visa waiver programme kick-started in June 2012 has definitely put Ireland on the map as a tourist destination for Indians. "Three years ago we had 14,000-15,000 Indian tourists a year; last year we saw 19,000; this year we're looking to attract 24,000-25,000 Indian tourists," says McLaughlin.

With the hike in tuition fees across England, Indian students planning to study abroad have hit the panic button, and this has fuelled the need for newer and cheaper alternatives. A degree in medicine will cost an international student anything around €12,035 (US$16,200) to €37,000 a year in Ireland, while an MBA will cost around €9,150 to €30,000.
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