State universities propose steep fee increases

Mongolia’s Minister of Education, Culture and Science L Gantumur met the directors of state universities on 19 August, with the main item on the agenda the issue of student fees and the quality of universities, writes M Zoljargal for The UB Post. Universities are proposing steep fee hikes.

The rector of the National University of Mongolia (NUM), S Tumur-Ochir, stated: “The curriculum of postgraduate and graduate courses is being reformed from the new academic year of 2012. Also, the 70th anniversary of NUM is to be marked on 5 October this year.

"Apart from the MNT400 million (US$292,000) provided from the State Fund for renovation work, MNT2 billion has been spent on renovations...Thus, NUM is proposing to increase our fees by between 38% to 60%.”

The Mongolian University of Arts and Culture proposed increasing its fees by 20% to 40%, the Mongolian State University of Agriculture by 49% and the Mongolian State University of Education by between 25% to 50%. Ikh Zasag University has proposed increasing its fees by 14% or 15%.
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