US: Berkeley enhances aid for middle-class families

The University of California, Berkeley, is offering a new financial aid programme to help families whose gross annual income is $80,000 to $140,000, amid tuition increases and state funding cuts, writes Janet Lorin for Bloomberg.

The contribution those families make towards the annual cost - including tuition, fees and expenses, room, board and books - would be capped at 15% of their earnings, according to a statement last week.

Berkeley, one of the most selective public universities in the US, joined some of the wealthiest private colleges, including Harvard University and Amherst College, in enhancing financial-aid plans for middle-income families. Williams College and Dartmouth College in 2010 scaled back their 'no-loan' programmes as their endowment values fell. Berkeley said its plan is a response to the state's high cost of living, the challenges faced by families in the income range and rising tuition fees.
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