GLOBAL: Academics condemn Iran Baha'i attack

More than 40 distinguished philosophers and theologians from 16 countries have joined in the condemnation of Iran's policy to bar young Baha'is and others from higher education. In a global initiative the 43 prominent academics - of Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim backgrounds - have signed an open letter, published in The Telegraph, UK, and reported in Brazil's Folha de Sao Paulo.

The letter condemns in particular recent attacks by the Iranian authorities on an informal educational initiative of the Baha'i community known as the Baha'i Institute for Higher Education, in which Baha'i professors, barred by the Iranian government from practising their professions, voluntarily offer their services to teach young community members who are banned from higher education.

Among the celebrated academics backing the call is Dr Charles Taylor, emeritus professor of philosophy at McGill University in Canada. He signed the letter, he said, out of his deep sense of "conviction that there ought to be 'no compulsion' in religion".
Full report on the Iran Press Watch site

All I can say is: "What took 'em so long?"

Joel B