CANADA: Anti-Semitism rising at universities - claim

A committee of current and former parliamentarians has concluded that incidents of anti-Semitism are growing in Canada, especially on university campuses, writes Gloria Galloway for The Globe and Mail. But critics say the work of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism was a poorly disguised attempt to suppress legitimate criticism of Israel.

In a news release issued on Thursday before the official presentation of its report, the coalition called on the government to "combat the wave of anti-Semitism we are witnessing in our nation". Mario Silva, the former Liberal MP who was a co-chairman of the committee, said the report could not be timelier, "when Canada is witnessing an unprecedented increase in anti-Semitic incidents and hateful discourse."

The committee recommends that police forces across Canada be better trained to deal with anti-Semitism; that universities host conferences to counter events such as "Israeli Apartheid Week"; and that there should be a clear definition of what anti-Semitism entails.
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