GLOBAL: First student survey project launched

A Toronto-based firm, Higher Education Strategy Associates, has launched what it claims will be the world's first Global Student Survey. The firm says the survey results when compiled will provide "a comprehensive data tool to help institutions guide and refine [their] international recruiting strategies at the undergraduate and graduate levels".

It says the combination of globalisation, institutional revenue pressures and emerging regions "of globally oriented students" has made the market for international students incredibly competitive: "Universities, colleges and governments have established programmes and practices, supports and services to attract and retain international students but they are often forced to make key decisions without reliable intelligence on the attitudes of prospective students from abroad - until now".

HESA says its survey will provide up-to- date information on the attitudes, experiences and expectations of prospective international students on a country-by-country basis. Beginning with a large-scale online survey of 3,000 Indian youth aged 16 to 18 this spring, the company will extend the study to include students in Russia, Mexico and China, with more than 20 surveys planned for 2012 and beyond.

The surveys will provide information on three key groups in each country: students interested in studying abroad; those interested in studying at branch campuses of international universities in their home country or region; and those who would prefer to study at a domestic institution.

Reports of the surveys will include details on student demographics such as family background, socio-economic status and geography; high school experience including favourite and least favourite subjects, courses taken, learning styles and academic performance, English language proficiency, and standardised test performance.

HESA has "an early-bird subscription price" of $4,500 which includes comprehensive reports of the 2011 Global Student Survey project in India, Russia, Mexico and China, starting with the India report in July. Individual reports are available at a rate of $1,500 each. Director of Business Development and Communications, Joseph Berger, can be contacted at