CHINA: Mongolian students locked in

Authorities in the Inner Mongolia region of China have closed the gates of major universities and colleges in the wake of protests sparked by the death of a herder at the hands of a mining truck driver, reports Radio Free Asia.

Thousands of students at major schools, colleges, and universities in the regional capital Hohhot have been under heavy guard by riot police and paramilitary forces, according to a New York-based rights group. "Students were closely monitored by their teachers and security personnel inside the campuses," the Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Centre said in an e-mailed statement.

Local sources confirmed the report. "Starting from [Sunday], we haven't been able to leave campus," said a teacher at the Inner Mongolia Normal University in the capital. Following instructions from 'higher authorities', the university posted an 'important notice' on 30 May warning teachers and students of all high schools and colleges not to leave their institutions.
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